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Mr John Gillen Nad+ leading pioneer john is the first person to bring Nad+ IV therapy to the UK and Europe.

European Pioneer of NAD+

Since 2010 having treated thousands of clients receiving Nad+IV therapy John’s clinical observations with Nad+ are second to none.

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Start Your Journey of Happiness and Health Today!

Latest research for NAD+ applications

Read the latest Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide articles from the worlds foremost NAD + experts.

At the forefront of NAD+ research

John Gillen has met with the leading minds within the reasearch and development of NAD+ applications.

Wellness & Anti-aging with NAD+

Contact us to discuss the rejuvenating effects that are provided by our NAD+ infusion therapies.

Oxidative Stress can cause the following disorders:
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The Advisors

Meet our staff who will be happy to give you more information about NAD+ treatments.

Dr. Natasha

She has years of experience delivering the highest level of care to her clients. Dr Natasha specialises in anti-aging and aesthetic medical practices.


Our clinic nurse is always at hand to offer you support to make the process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible during you NAD+ injection.

Ask our team about NAD+ personal importation.

John Gillan is well respected in the original Nad+ community worldwide as a result of his experience he has first hand unique experience of the importantance of the balanced dose of Nad+ protocols needed to experience the full benefits of IV  Nad+ therapy having featured in media publications Vogue  the Tatler the Times Dazed beauty among others he has witnessed the resent wild west hype with Nad+ john continues to sourse the very best in high grade Nad+ compounds to ensure best results for his clients. Stand out from the crowd with the best clone replica bags from , where you can find all the popular models.



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