NAD+ is often used as part of alcohol detoxification treatment and research suggests that this is the only programme to offer the following benefits at such a short duration:

  • Eliminate physical craving
  • Clarity and Mental Focus
  • Cardiovascular and Liver Benefits
  • Neuroprotection 
  • Stress relief

Is there an alternative to standard de-toxification protocols for alcohol addiction?



NAD+ is a Coenzyme which is responsible for the accelerated dehydrogenation of alcohol and acetaldehyde .The toxic metabolites of alcohol such as acetaldehyde and acetoacetic acid and glutamate are therefore removed from the nervous system. NAD+ is used for detoxification in excessive use of alcohol, amphetamines, benzopines, opiates and other analgesics. Being new to Europe, groundbreaking NAD+ DETOX is perfect for the prevention, alleviation, and removal of the acute and chronic symptoms associated with alcohol and drug misuse.

The rates of relapse for people with alcohol addiction remain abysmal. All too often conventional therapies fail. Many people strive manfully to overcome the powerful urge to use and sadly many return to rehab clinics time and time again.

Standard withdrawal protocols rely on the gradual withdrawal of benzodiazepines to ameliorate unless pleasant symptoms and the risk of seizures. The principle behind this is that benzodiazepines, like alcohol, enhance the effects of the calming neurotransmitter GABA which counterbalances the excitatory effects of the excitatory neurotransmitter Glutamate. Excess Glutamate is directly neurotoxic and causes damage within neuronal cells leading ultimately to cell death. It is, however, apparent from recent scientific studies that up-regulation of Glutamate receptors continues for many months after withdrawal. This renders the person anxious and unable to deal with stress resulting in almost certain relapse. Furthermore this increase of glutamate effects can contribute to reduction in brain function.

These neuro-excitatory effects of glutamate can be reduced by infusions of NAD+. It is known that depletion of NAD occurs as a result of increased cellular repair and that the conversion of L-tryptophan to NAD+ via the kynurenine pathway causes the release of excitatory chemicals which release glutamate. NAD+ infusions will replenish levels taking the pressure off the K-P pathway and reducing excitotoxicity and resultant stress and anxiety.

NAD+ provides a safe, innovative, scientifically-verified treatment for alcohol addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are dramatically eased, the risk of seizure minimised and more importantly long-term relief from craving and restoration of brain function will be facilitated.