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The Super Coenzyme

  • Other IV Therapy

    The Super Coenzyme

  • Chronic Fatigue

    The characteristic feature of these diseases is energy

  • Neuro-Degeneration

    Concomitant with the age-related decline in NAD+

  • Case Studies

    This heterogenous group of neurological

  • Executive Stress

    Focus and clarity

As part of our Detox programme Bionad offers Executive accommodation (subject to availability) right in the heart of the medical Area of London Harley St. Patients are welcome to bring a family member. The Unique Bionad alcohol detox program is the only program in Europe to offer the following benefits at such a short duration.

• Eliminate Psychological craving
• Clarity and Mental Focus
• Cardiovascular and Liver Benefits
• Neuroprotection
• Affordable Cost

This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of alcoholism.

This treatment does not lose sight of counseling and treatment of underlying psychiatric and emotional disorders that need to be attended to.

The use of NAD+ through a short intensive treatment of 5-7days in the clinic, opens a way to help people in a relatively short time to return back to the workplace with the necessary biological and psychological follow-up.

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