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About Us


Welcome to BIONAD CLINIC, the leading clinic in the UK offering NAD+ intravenous infusions as part of a holistic treatment approach. We are located off Harley Street, London, and offer a professional but friendly service, providing the infusions in a safe and comfortable environment. Where appropriate we offer addictional services, either on site or via onward referral, such as nutritional advice, psychological therapies, or more specialist medical input. All patients at BIONAD CLINIC are assessed medically, and the intravenous infusions are delivered by specially trained nursing staff. We are committed to advancing scientific knowledge, and therefore invite our patients to participate in ongoing studies of NAD+ treatment outcome, by questionnaires, blood tests and follow-up over a prolonged period of time. Patient confidentiality will of course be observed, and informed consent obtained before participating in treatment or outcome monitoring.

Who We Are

In the medical world, there are many different ways of treating the same condition, be that using conventional methods or from a more holistic approach.

At Bionad clinic, we pride ourselves on being the first UK clinic to offer an alternative option, in the form of bespoke intravenous NAD+ based infusion protocols.

This progressive, holistic approach has received exceptionally positive results in the United States and South Africa, and as part of a growing body of specialists at the cutting edge of functional medicine, Bionad are the pioneering UK clinic to effectively use NAD+ to assist in the treatment of numerous conditions.    Readmore

What We Do

At Bionad, we believe in examining the root of a condition, rather than just dealing with the visible symptoms. With this in mind, we look at all of the areas that contribute to potential imbalances within our system.

Our bespoke treatment programmes are specifically tailored to the individual patient's needs, considering many factors, including nutritional health and overall wellbeing.

The inclusion of NAD+ intravenous infusions within many of our bespoke plans, has long reaching benefits, from its anti-ageing and detoxing qualities, to counteracting the development of many diseases and illnesses.




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