Welcome to BIONAD CLINIC, the leading clinic in the UK offering NAD+ intravenous infusions as part of a holistic treatment approach. We are located off Harley Street, London, and offer a professional but friendly service, providing the infusions in a safe and comfortable environment. Where appropriate we offer addictional services, either on site or via onward referral, such as nutritional advice, psychological therapies, or more specialist medical input. All patients at BIONAD CLINIC are assessed medically, and the intravenous infusions are delivered by specially trained nursing staff. We are committed to advancing scientific knowledge, and therefore invite our patients to participate in ongoing studies of NAD+ treatment outcome, by questionnaires, blood tests and follow-up over a prolonged period of time. Patient confidentiality will of course be observed, and informed consent obtained before participating in treatment or outcome monitoring.



NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an activated form of vitamin B3. NAD+ is naturall present within every cell in the human body. It regulates gene expression and mediates calcium levels. NAD+ is also a participate in a number of erdux reactions - in other words, it reacts with oxygen in the body.



One of the most important mechanisms contributing to senescenece is oxidative stress-'the free readical theory of aging'.It is well known that NAD level decline with age. There is a rapid decline in most individuals from around the ages of 40 onwards. This decline is associated with reduced energy production, increasing DNA damage and cell death as well as increased prevalence of disease.