What to Expect from NAD+ Therapy

We believe that the NAD+ experience is as relaxing as possible. In addition to this, we believe the treatment should be in a calm, tranquil environment.

Our research suggests that people who undergo therapy will benefit from the end results of NAD+, but there are a number of questions which may need answering before using the treatment.

What is NAD?
NAD+ Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to undergoing therapy, it is advantageous to have eaten. Most clinics reccommend bringing lunch or suitable snacks with you. Tea, coffee and soft drinks is normally provided throughout the day. It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing to ensure that you are relaxed whilst undergoing the treatment. Most clinics have WiFi available, so feel free to bring any electronic devices, plus any books or ipods that you may wish to use during your therapy.

When you arrive at your clinic, you will have a thorough consultation with a doctor. Within this consultation the doctor will talk through your medical history with you and assess your suitability for NAD+. With this information, the doctor will then be able to draw up a unique programme, personalised to suit your requirements. This will include the prescribing of any addictional medication and supplements. Once the consultation is complete, at most clinics, you will be introduced to your supporting nurse who will settle you into the IV Treatment Room. The nurse should check your vital signs and ensure that you are comfortable, before attaching you to the intravenous drip to begin the treatment.

NAD+ is used to treat many different conditions, and each individual patient will clearly have their own personal requirements. Whilst the dose and time scale of the therapy may vary from patient to patient, the process of how the actual NAD+ intravenous infusion is administered is the same for everyone, regardless of their condition.

As each treatment is bespoke to the individual, the time length of each NAD+ infusion will vary from patient to patient. You will be advised on the specifics of your own personal therapy during your consultation. It is worth noting that different people can tolerate different drip rates, which will also factor into how long each individual session will take. As a general rule, you should expect to spend the full day at a NAD+ clinic, to ensure that you have allocated enough time to undergo the full treatment.

From our experience, aside from the initial insertion of the cannula, NAD+ treatment is pain free. Occasionally, a patient may experience minor discomfort, in the form of tension in the stomach or slight pressure in the neck, but this can be immediately rectified by simply slowing the drip rate of the NAD+.

As soon as the intravenous drip is disconnected, you will be 100% back to normal. Unlike other treatments, there is no need to lie down or take it easy after the treatment is finished and you will be able to resume all day-to-day activities.

Every individual is different, and will therefore respond to the treatment in their own time. Patients generally experience the benefits of NAD+ after the second or third infusion, however some patients have reported feeling a positive change after their very first infusion.

Again, each patient will have different requirements and you will be advised thoroughly on this during your consultation. An average course of treatment generally takes between 3 – 5 infusions. Patients are strongly recommended to have booster infusions, between 1-3 months after the initial course of treatment, to maintain the positive results.

Research suggests that one of the many positives of NAD+ treatment is that there are no side effects, aside from the possibility of slight discomfort during the treatment itself.

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Mr John Gillen Nad+ leading pioneer john is the first person to bring Nad+ IV therapy to the UK and Europe.

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Since 2010 having treated thousands of clients receiving Nad+IV therapy John’s clinical observations with Nad+ are second to none.



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