NAD+ Research

On this page, you can read more about our NAD+ research

NAD+ research

BIONAD works with manufacturers to research unique intravenous therapy for ADHD, Alcoholism & Drugs, Alzheimers / Memory Loss, Anti Ageing, Brain Injury / Stroke, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, Phospholipid I.V therapy & Obesity/Weight Loss
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You can read more about our NAD+ research, information on conditions which research suggests the treatment can treat and other therapies which can be used, alongside some really interesting videos below:

Addiction alcoholism

NAD+ Research
NAD+ Research

NAD+ Repairs DNA and Alters DNA Expression

Research for Conditions

i.v. NAD+ therapy is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease, nor does Bionad make any specific health claims for this supplement.

One of the most important mechanisms contributing to senescence is oxidative stress – ‘the free radical theory of aging’. It is well known that NAD levels decline with age.

It is now possible to deliver NAD+ systemically without intravenous infusion in 40 minutes and still receive the same Anti-Aging benefits.

For the full benefit of NAD+ therapy, it’s very important that the highest grade of NAD+ and its sterility is used its advisable to check the cert of analysis.

Research for Conditions
Research for Conditions

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Other Therapies

Systemic Laser Light Therapy

John Gillen, founder of BIONAD has been part of the development team of this exciting new and exclusive LLLT device made in the UK .

(The Laser 4 Life) device is a wellness device and not a medical device; no medical claims can therefore be made. It uses red (660nm) and green (540nm) laser light, which is applied on and through the skin. The laser light targets skin and nerve cells (red & green laser) and blood cells (capillary and vein blood).

On the basis of scientific studies that have shown the efficiency of intravenous and transcutaneous laser light on improving medical conditions associated with ageing and fatigue, we have developed this non-invasive wellness device to assist health promotion.

Alcohol Detox

NAD+ is believed to be the alternative to standard detoxification protocols for alcohol addiction. Research suggests it provides a safe, innovative, scientifically-verified treatment for alcoholism.

In order to recieve the full benefit of NAT+ therapy, it’s very important that the highest grade of NAD+ and its sterility is used its advisable to check the cert of analysis.

What used to take up to 6 hours for a NAD+ infusion can now be systematically delivered in around 35 minutes as a result of many years experience with NAD+

For this reason, it is often used as part of alcohol detoxification treatment.




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